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The 62nd BRINOS Ear Surgery Camp.

Held in Nepalgunj 4th -13th March 2018

Main Report by Ruth Capper.

The 62nd camp took place at the BRINOS Ear Care Centre in Nepalgunj between 4th and 13th March 2018. The UK team consisted of Ruth Capper, Neil Weir, Jim Fairley and Emma Stapleton (surgeons) and Mark Luscombe (anaesthetist) support by Lulu Ritchie, trainee surgeon. With “the beast from the east” disrupting train services, we were all very relieved to reach Heathrow and to fly more or less on time.

Departure from a murky and very cold LHR Airport

In Nepalgunj, we were joined by Puran Tharu, Ram Bohara and the other CEAs who had selected many interesting and challenging cases for us.

Theatre was excellently run by Pashupatti Chaudhary supported by nurses Nandani Tharu, Ranjana Budhathoki and Priti Khada and Mr Roy was his ever present and helpful self. The other members of the team are too many to mention but all played their part in the success of the camp. In the second week we were joined by Dr Verma and Dr Shrestha.

Patients came from 11 different districts with most from Banke, Kailali, Jajarkot and Surkhet and a small number from Bardia, Dang, Salyan, Rukum, Pyuthan, Humla and Dailekh.

We performed 145 operations: 27 major cases under general anaesthesia and one set of grommets in a child, 101 myringoplasties under local anaesthesia with 10 tympanoplasties and 2 stapedectomies. There were also a few cyst removals and examinations under the microscope for surgical planning for the next camp.

Post-auricular abscess caused by a very large cholesteatoma

Our rest day was spent on safari in Bardia National Park where we had an exciting close encounter of an elephant kind.

A large tusker ...

who was not entirely happy to see us!

For those of us who weren’t there, the photo IS accurate: It enables us to SEE the heat and humidity.

 At the time in the UK, we might have appreciated it.


Team selfie

The rim of the hat in the bottom left corner is me (Ruth).

Back Row:  Guard  (remember that elephant)  then  Lu Lu Ritchie,

     Neil Weir (in the surgeon’s hat)  &   Emma Stapleton

Front Row: Three Nepali nurses,  Mark Luscombe   (in the glasses) and

On far right: Jim Fairley in the hat.

Ruth has been cut off from the photo!

Please add to the list of Donors and Supporters:

Pfeiffer MHA Programme  2018    £263.00

Wragg Barn Ladies Golfing   £2,500     two thousand five hundred pounds.

Many thanks and sorry to be a bit picky!!

View Camp "live"online Commentary

Whilst Camp 62 was running, we captured online comment and postings to preserve them from the torrent of data that is Facebook and Twitter.  
Enjoy these at your leisure.

View Camp "live" online Commentary