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51st  BRINOS Ear Camp - 2013 Nepalgunj, Nepal

From 9th to 18th November 2013

The BRINOS team arrived in Nepalgunj for the 51st Ear Camp at the start of a ten-day “Transport Strike”, called by opposition parties in advance of the Nepal General Elections. This made transport difficult for some Nepali patients and the atmosphere in the city was tense.

Despite these hindrances the camp was conducted successfully with 107 major surgical ear procedures being undertaken. Many of the patients had travelled across the border from the very poor area of India south of Nepalgunj.

The anaesthesia on this occasion was administered by Dr Purna Joshi, a Nepali doctor, currently working in Wakefield. This was the first time that a Nepal trained anaesthetist had joined a BRINOS team.

Team members:


Odette Ferrao (Theatre manager – Chelsea and Westminster Hospital)

Robin Youngs (ENT Surgeon and Team Leader - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital)

Purna Joshi (anaesthetist – Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield)?

Malcolm Hilton (ENT Surgeon – Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital)

Sue Clarke (ENT Surgeon – Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield)?

Rebecca Perkins (Theatre Nurse – Frimley Park Hospital)?

Group Captain John Skipper (ENT Surgeon - British Royal Army Medical Corps)

Tikajit Gurung (“Operating Department

Practitioner” and Scrub Nurse - British Royal Army Medical Corps) - and actually a native Nepali.



Urmila Gurung (ENT Surgeon – Kathmandu)

Puran Bahadur Tharu (Community Ear Officer)

Ram Bahadur Bohara (Community Ear Assistant)

Pashupati Chaudhary (Community Ear Assistant)

Man Lal Tharu (Community Ear Assistant)

Tushar Roy (Technical Officer)

Sagun Shrestha (Trainee Doctor)

Rajani Shah (Theatre Nurse)

Satrohan Balmiki (Peon)

Bad Shah Khan (Driver)

Dr Urmila Gurung
checking patients after surgery

Robin Youngs
undertaking major ear surgery

British Royal Army Medical Corps

And we must not forget the help from the British Army’s Humanitarian Medical Mission. See a report by Cpl Tikajit Gurung, an extract from the British Royal Army Medical Core Prospectus.

Tikajit Gurung with some of the team at Nepalgunj Airport