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47th BRINOS Ear Camp - 2012 Nepalgunj, Nepal

From 25th March – 35rd April 2011

The 47th BRINOS Nepal Ear Camp was a great success. Puran Tharu and his Community Ear Assistant colleagues had identified 110 patients who underwent major ear surgery for disabling and life-threatening ear disease.

A number of these patients had travelled from the Surkhet district where the BEHCS programme had conducted screening camps.

In addition to the surgical work of the camp research was undertaken into the effect of deafness and ear disease on the quality of life of Nepali people. Potential sites for the construction of the new BRINOS Ear Hospital were visited and appraised.

The members of the team were


Odette Ferrao (theatre manager - Kings College Hospital)

Robin Youngs (ENT Surgeon and Team Leader - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital)

John Edwin Boys (anaesthetist – West Suffolk Hospital)

David Jonathan (ENT Surgeon – Frimley Park Hospital)

David Gatland (ENT Surgeon – Southend General Hospital)

Adam Boys (theatre assistant – West Suffolk Hospital)

Sharon Gatland (theatre nurse – BMI Hospital, Southend)

Edward Maile (medical student – Manchester)


Kashi Raj Gyawali (ENT Surgeon – Kathmandu)

Pashupati Chaudhari (theatre nurse)

Rajani Shah (theatre nurse)

Tushar Roy (facilitator)?

Puran Tharu (Chief Community Ear Assistant)

Ram Bahadur (Community Ear Assistant)

Tilak Ram,?Satruhan Balmiki (general assistants)

Puran Tharu, Dr Kashi Raj Gyawali

and Ram Bahadur

David Jonathan examining a child with cholesteatoma

The Team 2012