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Securing the Site with Walls, Gates and Outbuildings

Following the demolition of the old building and clearance of the site at the beginning of the year, work started in mid April 2013 to rebuild the eastern and part of the northern boundary walls.

Also, by this time, the construction of a guard house, generator house and the large cycle shed were all complete, and then to be used for secure storage during the rest of the construction project.

By the end of May the wall is advancing further. We estimated by counting the courses that it was almost 8 feet high.

It looked well with the finished band of rendering.

By Autumn 2013, the boundary wall was complete, with all four sides rebuilt.

It had been planned to re-use the north wall but it was realised that this old wall was just not going to be adequate.

The slide show presents a few pictures of the wall in progress. This rugged double skinned construction with brick pillars should last well.