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Foundations completed with the Tie Beams

The BECC building is now rising above ground level.  So during January 2014, the new home for the BEHCS and the base for the BRINOS surgery teams, is becoming visible.

Looking carefully at the slide show below, you might notice the height of the new ground floor level. This, as you may have read, is to ensure that all the plumbing is above the level of the mains drainage. Those wall footings are certainly substantial.

All of the concrete was mixed here and carried to its destination by hand.  

The trusty mixer did a sterling job.

Some of the images show just how cold it was at times.  Nepal is well south of the UK, but its quite high.

It was interesting (at least to the Web master) to see how many of the crew were women. They seemed to do most of the same jobs as the men.

Yes, some of as are also fascinated by the washing lines on site!