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Initially it was hoped to preserve the old building and add a new wing on each side, but the need for the building work so close to the the old structure made it non viable…..

Demolition of the old building

The slide show takes us on the space and time trip, from opening the old gates to the compound with the building that just might have only needed a coat of paint.

We see the the old building knocked down with highly sophisticated equipment - not the sledge hammers - the incredible human “operators”.  These chaps were light enough to get where heavy machines could not go and had agility to take the place down with minimal effort. And they needed no diesel, were easy to transport and needed minimal maintenance or capital outlay.

Finally, we see the site cleared, ready for building to start. In fact it was started by replacing the old boundary walls, and that entrance gate.

The one item that remained was the small white hut, used by the builders during construction, and destined to be the laundry for The Centre.