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64th BRINOS Ear Camp, in Nepalgunj  South Western Nepal  March 2019  


Camp 64 In March 2019 is still around a month away, with preparations going a-pace (now in early February) This camp is being run by Robin Youngs, one of our senior surgeons, leader of many previous camps.

At present, they are busy booking flights to Nepal, and onwards across the “southern” Himalayas to Nepalgunj, near the Indian Border.

The equipment is being procured and packed: everything  they’ll need from surgical gloves to anaesthetics and other essential items, that I (web techie) can’t even imagine.

The team are looking forward to this camp when they will hope to operate on upwards of 140 cases. This will only be possible with the help of SEPTODONT who generously supply Lignocaine and adrenaline (Lignospan Sepcial) to numb the ear prior to surgery.

More information will be added to this page……
   as and when is comes available.

One of the packs of Lignospan, like those that Septodont UK has been donating for the BRINOS Ear Camps.