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31st BRINOS Nepal Ear Camp  20-28th March 2006

Spring 2006

The 31st BRINOS Ear Camp was undertaken successfully in Nepalgunj.

The 2006 team:

Visiting surgeons:

Robin Youngs,
Nick Stafford,
Sangeeta Maini
Ed Boys (anaesthetist)

Visiting theatre nurses:
Odette Ferrao,
Eric Hughes,
Adam Boys
Adam Shulberg (hearing aid audiologist).

They were joined by local surgeons
Kashi Raj Gyawali,
Dinesh Mishra and
Rita Baksh.

During the course of the camp 82 major ear operations were undertaken. During March 94 deaf people received hearing aids. Support was given to the Community Ear Assistants.

The surgical work of the camp was greatly facilitated by the generous donation of a full set of middle ear microsurgical instruments by Karl Storz UK Ltd.

BRINOS is grateful to the administration and staff of Nepalgunj Medical College for making facilities available essential to the smooth running of the camp.

Dr Sangeeta Maini examining a 12 year old boy with deafness due to chronic middle ear disease

Happy patient two days following major ear surgery