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54th BRINOS Ear Camp, Nepalgunj, Nepal

From 9th - 17th November 2014

The overseas team included doctors and nurses from the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and Gloucester Royal Infirmary. The Nepali surgeon came from Kathmandu. The Local BRINOS Community Ear Care Assistants, screened the patients and were responsible for the post op care. This camp treated many patients from the remote far West of Nepal.

The camp ran very smoothly in our new temporary home whilst awaiting the completion of the new hospital. We performed 110 “major ear” operations. These included repairing perforated ear drums, mastoid surgery and one case of replacing the 3rd bone of hearing (stapedectomy).

Three operating tables were running simultaneously, two for local anaesthetic cases and one for general anaesthetic cases. We were also delighted to receive funding from the Oxford/Bucks BAHA users group, and the Reading Runners and Mr Chris Blue. Funds were also raised by a sterling effort from Alison Wrigley.

L-R, Matt Clark, Kumar Pannikar, Alison Wrigley, Sue French, Ian Bottrill, Sarita KC, Rory Herdman.

Our Temporary Base for this Camp

Brinos Ear Health Community Staff (BEHCS):

Puran Tharu, Ram Bahadur Bohara, Pashupati Kumari Chaudhary, Man Lal Tharu, Tushar Roy, Dilip Pathik (Laundry man)

The surgical team:

Visiting Surgeons: Ian Bottrill (Team Leader), Matt Clark, Rory Herdman

Nepali Surgeon: Sarita KC

Anaesthetist: Kumar Pannikar

Nurses: Sue French, Alison Wrigley, Pashupati Kumari Chaudhary, Pabitra                 Khadka               

Some of The Team