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The 62nd BRINOS Ear Surgery Camp.

Held in Nepalgunj 4th - 13th March 2018

Update From Neil (Friday 9th March)

We have completed five days and are having our Friday night Cocktail Hour
wearing our new Nepali theatre hats given us by Lulu Ritchie (second from the left)

What’s in those Cocktails? Strawberry Milk Shake?

Emma Stapleton @otolaryngolofox Mar 6

View from the BRINOS Ear Care Centre balcony.

Spot the postop patients who feel well enough for a saunter in the sunshine! #otology #nepal

So the work of the BRINOS surgical team is well under way

…. WM

Tweets from Emma Stapleton

Emma Stapleton   @otolaryngolofox  Mar 3

Getting a little bored of snow, so I’ve decamped to warmer climes. Hello, Kathmandu! @BRINOS_UK_NP  

… Emma is changing flights.

Having flown from London HR to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, they need another plane over to Nepalgunj.

…  WebMaster

The @BRINOS_UK_NP hospital balcony, an ideal spot to catch up with some @ENT_AudsNews editing.

Emma is trying to report for Audiology News too.

…so why is she not sitting at the laptop? didn’t take long for greenery to find its way in!


Setting up the operating Operating Theatre….

 at the BECC in Nepalgunj ….

for the 62nd BRINOS ear camp .

Sorry Folks.  These Tweets seem to have dried up…. Perhaps is because Emma is too busy performing her share of the ~100 operations per week.

…. Come back soon. Eventually there will be a more formal report on this page. Give the team time to recover  though.   

                                                                   WebMaster - (Derek Marsh) in Dorset UK

Great view of the sunset over Nepalgunj from the Hospital (BECC)

A postop wardround at the end of a busy penultimate day

Patient information sheets

…once again, the Tweets have dried up.

It looks like the team are too busy again   ……

Its worth noting that there are beds in the recovery ward, but the patients are quite happy, and very used to, sleeping on the floor on mats.

(OK, there are not many smiles about but they have all just had operations!)

... And Back to Emma’s Tweets @otolaryngolofox  MARCH 12th

MIt’s a real privelege to volunteer as a BRINOS surgeon. In the past week the team have completed 124 operations (so far) on our patients here.     More operating tomorrow!

This Page was a running commentary, based on information, mainly “Tweets” from the team in Nepal. Hence, much of it reads in the present tense.     

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