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BRINOS : Reg. charity No.800453.
Dedicated to the prevention and cure of Ear Disease in Nepal

This building is now all but complete, but we still need funds to pay for it. Also, there is the need for the on-going upkeep and for the BRINOS Ear Care Health Service!

Role of the  BRINOS Ear Care Centre

The Britain Nepal Otology Service (BRINOS) in partnership with BRINOS Ear Health Community Service (BEHCS) is establishing the new BRINOS Ear Care Centre (BECC) in Nepalgunj which is in a remote region of South Western Nepal on the “Ganges Plane,  far from the existing, largely centralised facilities, around Kathmandu and in the Nepalese central valley.

See external Google Maps links to Nepal,  Nepalgunj and the BECC site.

The BECC provides the base for the BEHCS in servicing the primary ear-health-care needs in the community. This service is performed both in house and by the visiting teams the outlying villages and towns on the plains , the hills and in the mountains

“A Walk through” the new BECC

Before the building became available, this “tour” was produce from the early architects plans. Some things have changed. Actual photos will follow:

We go up the driveway and through the new gates, into the walled site. We pass the small car park, bike store and the generator “house”and we see the new centre and notice plenty of room for future extensions to the front and either side.

We can pass up the ramps, or take the few steps into the main waiting room. To the left there are more ramps into the large, multi-purpose area. This doubles as overspill ward, relatives area, lecture theatre etc.

Across the waiting room, to our immediate right, we see the four consulting rooms. In the far corner we can see the end of the passage leading to the three audiology booths with their acoustically treated interiors.

Further along the passage we would find the laboratory, the office and the staff stairs to the operating suite.

The patient “facilities” are at the back, in the wing on the corner of the building behind the stairs. Taking the split-flight stairs we turn right and, behind the fire doors, we find another waiting area. Beyond that, the ward is located above the relatives waiting room. There are more “facilities” out the back on this level as well.

Past this point, unless we were staff, we would need to be accompanied. Having come up the stairs, into the waiting area, we turn left towards the front of the building, we cross two passage-ways to reach the staff lounge and kitchenette. This also leads onto their balcony.

However, if we had turned right again at the staff lounge, we would find the operating suite, with the substantial operating theatre, set on the east side at the front of the building.

To the rear of the of the operating theatre,  we could find the suite of essential rooms: staff toilets and changing rooms, the scrub room with trolley-prep area, clean and dirty laundry rooms and a store with a trolley park.

Then there are the rear stairs down to the audiology booths and consulting rooms.

There is much more detail to be found on the main BRINOS site, including  an illustrated story of the building project.

On the Funding page, you will  find a chance to help on-line with our funding (please!)…

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The New BRINOS Ear Care Centre (BECC)