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BRINOS : Reg. charity No.800453.
Dedicated to the prevention and cure of Ear Disease in Nepal

We are  really are very grateful to all our donors, who have now raised some  £79,000 to finance works since start of the project. Every one has given very generously and some have performed astonishingly well on our behalf. This effort is largely in addition to normal BRINOS funding needs.

Initially, BRINOS donated £95,000 to BEHCS to acquire the large site where the old building stood. This has now been demolished and the foundation stone of the new building was laid on the 9th of March 2013. Building is complete apart from final details and is in use.

Donations towards our remaining building-target budget have been very much enhanced by some very generous donors and ambitious  fundraising events, so the costs are substanitally covered…but please don’t stop now!

If you would like to help, you can donate online or by cheque and even let us possibly claim HMRC Gift Aid.

Funding for the BECC

(If you have the technology, you might be interested in some of the BECC-specific funding efforts, recorded on the Main Site.)

However you could just on this logo to donate online. Virgin is safe, its reputable, and their fees very fair (low)

If you prefer, you can make a donation by cheque directly to BRINOS: Just follow the link to our Contacts and Gift Aid pages.

Funding BRINOS

(BRINOS is a registered charity in the United Kingdom, no.800453)

Our work depends entirely on charitable donations.

Charitable donations fund the vital manpower and equipment needed to sustain the Primary Ear Care and Hearing Aid Programme.

In addition funding is required in order to purchase and maintain the specialised equipment needed to undertake middle ear microsurgery. (The team provide for their own travel etc. for the bi-annual Ear Camps to Nepal)

The recent main BRINOS funding drive is to build the new Ear Care Centre at Nepalgunj.

Over the almost 30 years that BRINOS has existed, we have been helped by a great many private and commercial donors. To list then here would be counter-productive. When you can view a larger screen, please take a look at the main site.