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BRINOS : A charity dedicated to the prevention and cure of Ear Disease in Nepal

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The 56th Ear Camp took place in Early March 2015, see Robin Youngs’ report.
The teams are so looking forward to being able to use the New Ear Care Centre

The New BRINOS Ear Care Centre (BECC)
in Nepalgunj, western Nepal

Joanna LumleySir John Chapple

Field Marshal Sir John Chapple visits the BRINOS BECC

Joanna Lumley lends her support of BRINOS

Elephant Polo

BRINOS plays Elephant Polo with the Word Elephant Polo Association

The Earthquake in Nepal:

BRINOS thanks all those kind people who have sent their sympathies to the people of Nepal and who have enquired about our own teams of ear care health workers.

We are relieved that fortunately none of our friends have been injured or affected by the earthquake and that our new hospital, currently being built in Nepalgunj in south western Nepal, is not damaged.

We live in hope that very many of the people we serve in the remote villages in Nepal’s southern mountain range have been as fortunate.

On 13 May we have heard that Professor Rakesh & family are ok. The teaching hospital is now filling up with casualties. Dr Milan says she is out in the open again away from the buildings in Patan (near kathmandu) but is ok.